While we have our own end-user client-base, we also provide support for other Trade Companies in the UK. Our priority is to provide a professional service to the Customer, ever mindful of any commercial relationships in place.

Customers are important and we value that you have an existing relationship with them which is of paramount importance to your business. To reflect this, our technicians are highly trained, well presented and thoroughly professional, ensuring we deliver the excellent service expected.

The Printer Services Code of Conduct is to provide a professional service on behalf of a Trade Company. It would be unethical for us to promote our services whilst working as a third party and all staff members are trained and expected to adhere to this Conduct.

The services on offer include our full range of Repair Service options plus the following:

  • Audit and Assessment Services
  • Fleet Optimisation and Device Mapping
  • Automated Supplies Delivery and Fleet Management Tools
  • Recycling and Removal of old printers and unused consumables in line with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive
  • Hardware Recommendation
  • Supply and implementation of Print Management Software
  • Barcode Printing Solutions
  • Scanning and Document Management Solutions
  • Electronic Forms implementation
  • Mobile Printing Solutions for Android and Apple devices
  • Consultancy around scoping, project management and implementation
  • Service Plan Design and Delivery

For more information, you can contact one of our team on 020 3126 4879 or via email: enquiries@printer-services.co.uk


Printer Services