Audit and Assessment Services

Printer Services Ltd. offer a range of audit and assessment services, depending on the detail required as follows:

  • Collection of monthly print volumes using SaaS-based tools
  • Floor-walking to establish location of print, copy, scan and fax devices
  • Interviewing of Departmental Heads to ascertain local requirements
Fleet Optimisation

Having analysed data collected from the audit and assessment process, we review the current estate, making suggestions where printers can be redeployed or new machines introduced that are more effective using our special suite of inventory software.
  • Production of development plan to highlight the key changes to your printing infrastructure whether it be simple redeployment of your current printer fleet or a complete refresh of your print infrastructure
  • Asset tagging and mapping of every device

For more information, you can contact one of our team on 020 3126 4879 or via email:

Printer Services